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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to carry out any kind of activity in Minsk FEZ?

Some activities are prohibited to be started under special preferential regime of FEZ. Taxation particularities of FEZ shall not apply to banking and insurance, public catering, gambling, electronic interactive games; securities transactions.

In particular, FEZ residents are disallowed to:

·         produce, process, store and sell weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices;

·         produce radioactive and narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances;

·         produce alcoholic beverages, except for champagne, wine and beer;

·         manufacture tobacco products;

·         produce securities, banknotes and coins, postage stamps;

·         carry out lottery activity;

·         broadcast radio and TV programs, except for technical maintenance of radio and television;

·         provide medical care to people suffering from diseases dangerous to human health;

·         provide medical care to animals with very dangerous diseases.


When a company can lose the status of a FEZ Minsk resident?

A legal entity may lose the status of a FEZ resident on the following grounds:

·         liquidation of the free economic zone;

·         exclusion from the borders of the free economic zone of the territory with the location of this legal entity or individual entrepreneur;

·         liquidation (termination of activities) of this legal entity (individual entrepreneur);

·         reorganization of a legal entity in the form of merger, division, joining it to another legal entity;

·         changing the location of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur in case the new location is located outside the territory corresponding to the free economic zone;

·         termination of the agreement on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone;

·         the adoption by the administration of the free economic zone of a decision on the loss of status:

·         at the request of the resident of the free economic zone;

·         in connection with the failure or improper performance by a resident of a free economic zone of the terms of the agreement on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone;

·         due to non-observance of the terms of formation of the statutory fund by a legal entity that is a resident of a free economic zone.

Who is given priority if there are two or more potential investors interested in the same free plot of land or production premises?

When there are two and more applicants with investment projects providing for creation and development of similar productions or with investment projects declared for the implementation in the same non-occupied land plot or industrial premises, FEZ Minsk administration holds a competitive bidding which is announced in the mass media 14 days prior to its holding.

The subject matter of the competitive bidding, conditions and order of its holding are determined by FEZ Minsk administration in agreement with the Minsk Regional Executive Committee (Minsk City Executive Committee).

The contract on activity conditions in Minsk FEZ is concluded with the winner of the competitive bidding, which is to be registered as the FEZ Minsk resident within 5 working days from the day of announcing the results of the competitive bidding.