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Location of Free economic zone Minsk in Minsk city – the capital of the Republic of Belarus – and Minsk region gives to FEZ Minsk companies such advantages as:

  • Favorable geographical location (at the crossing of the main European highways).
  • Well-developed logistics infrastructure (extensive network of motorways and railways, National airport Minsk). 
  • Availability of production and engineering infrastructure (free plots of land and ready-made production facilities; electricity, gas and water supply, well-developed surrounding areas).
  • Highly skilled workforce.
  • Availability of all services of the capital city.
  • High concentration of business organizations, important international representative offices and organizations.

Besides, FEZ Minsk residents are guaranteed:

  • Preferential conditions for carrying out production activity;
  • Foreign investment protection;
  • Attractive cost of resources and labor;
  • Transparent and easy administrative procedures;
  • FEZ Minsk Administration support.