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  • Exemption from the profit tax on the sale of goods of own production

  • Exemption from the real estate tax

  • Exemption from the rent payment

  • Exemption from the payment for the right to conclude a land rental agreement

  • Exemption from the compensatory  planting as well as compensatory cost for the removed, replanted flora objects in the construction of facilities within the boundaries of the FEZ stipulated in the investment project, with the right to remove or  replant the flora objects.

  • Exemption from compensation for the loss of agricultural production for residents registered after January 1, 2012

  • Tax and customs privileges

  • Exemption from land tax


  • Favorable geographic location, short distance to the main European centers.

  • On the teterritory of FEZ there are vacant land plots, that can be used for new poduction complexes

  • The investors have already got a minimum essential basic infrastructure at their disposal such as electricity and heating, gas pipeline and sewerage.

  • The high concentration of business communities, and representatives of key international organizations

  • In the region there is qualified labor force and specialists with necessary knowledge in various fields and experience of work in companies with foreign investments as well as the training base for professional training.

  • The Free Economic Zone “Minsk” has a favorable geographic position- close to Minsk ring road and Pan-European transport corridor № 2 (Berlin – Warsaw – Minsk - Moscow)

  • At the expenses the of the Republic’s Government allocated funds the FEZ administration prepares a minimum required infrastructure  on the territory of  FEZ, first of all it includes reconstruction and construction of road network and engineering facilities.

  • The access to railway, air and road transport creates good conditions for effective logistics service.

  • Visa-free regime of entry to Belarus